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Q.  How do I use "TurnkeyCoupon.com"?

A.    Participating merchants have loaded their coupon page with savings, discounts and promotions to be used by their customers. Just CLICK the business or category to visit, PRINT the free savings coupon, and SAVE money when you visit. It that easy...

Q.  How do I Advertise on "TurnkeyCoupon.com"?

A. Just use the info on our Contact Us Page and we will be more than happy to explain everything and help get you started with your local online coupon and how to get your logo ad in the Featured Merchant Section.

Q.  What is a Coupon Site?

A.   With your coupon subscription you get a unique url with each coupon created. If you obtain a yearly subscription for a domain of your choice ($9.95/yr) that can be pointed to this unique url, we also supply a 2 page website with all of your business info, contact info, website links etc... This mini website allows us to get this purchased domain and thus your coupon indexed in the search engines. Ex. Type in - gym coupon, or donut coupon into Google

Q.   How long will it take for me to get my coupon site indexed in search engines if I use one of your domains?

A.    Indexed in the search engines will depend on how specific the domain is and a whole lot of other things. This is something that we can not guarantee, no one can. But we have been very successful at getting our coupon sites indexed. Some have taken five months while others have taken 4 weeks.

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