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About Us
About Us

We are a Family-Owned & Operated Small Business located in Southern Maryland, USA. Our sites are accessible from anywhere around the world on the web.


Business Need

We had a need for our own online coupons and could not find any site online that fit our needs. We then decided to build our own site for coupons. We now offer the updated Turn Key Coupon Script as a business opportunity to individuals and businesses that have a want or need to own their own online coupon service business in their local geographic area.

Why we Developed this Website.

We developed this site for both consumers and small business owners to benefit. All small business owners realize that they must be on the internet in some capacity. We make it easy for all SBO's to have an online personalized coupon that doubles as on online business card. Our price for a yearly coupon that can be updated as many times as necessary is by far, more reasonable than mailed print coupon books or newspaper coupons. Much easier for consumers to find also. Comes complete with a unique URL that can be used as links in eMails, links on your website, on your business cards and to even point a domain name to it for added exposure.

Saver Sheet coupon.

We call our coupons -Saver Sheets- because the consumer prints out your business info and coupon on their printer at home or office on a full 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper. Which includes:

Your Business Name

Your Business Logo

Coupon (Campaign) Title

Coupon Details / Expiration

Business Address

Business Phone Number

Directions to Your Business

Business Hours

Description: Services & Products you Offer

Specialties You have to Offer

Benefits Include:                                                                 

Personalized Coupons for your Customers.

Online Business Card & Coupon in one.

Easy to Create - Coupon System.

Your Logo. Your Business Information.

No Printing or Mailing Costs.

No Adware, Spyware. Just your Coupon.

Attach a Domain to your Coupon.

Example: A Pizza Chain = PizzaCoupon.us

A Restaurant = DinnerCoupon.net

An Ad Agency = AdCoupon.net

A Storage Place = StorageCoupon.com

Print this Domain on your Business Cards, attach as a link in eMails and on your website.

Save Time & Money. Update Coupon as often as necessary.* Daily if need be.

A great marketing tool.

Questions. Clarifications. Comments.

If you have any questions we are here to help every step of the way to get your business online in the form of a Saver Sheet Coupon. We will explain how domains work. We will help with logo creation. Whatever it takes. Contact Us Here.

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