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 How to Use Coupon Site and Create Coupons  

First you Must Create an Account

New Account

Create an Account

1. Go To Member's Login area on left side of Homepage. Click on link for New User? Signup! Look over all info needed to complete account. View the drop down windows for Business and State, if your Business category, City, State or Province is not in the drop down then Contact us to enter it before starting a new account. We can have new data entered quickly.

2. Fill in all items, tha data base for coupon info pulls your business name, first name and last name from this form, please make sure this info is accurate. Also City and State are pulled from here for coupon search.

3. Please remember to write down and file away your user name and password for your new business account or for your customer files you will keep.

4. Login to your new business account. When you login the will look like it has not changed, but in the member's login area you will see Welcome (your user name). You can update profile from here, change password, manage & create coupons etc... 

How to Create a Coupon

Create a Coupon

1. Login to your business account. Click on Manage Coupon link on left side of page.

2. Choose category from drop down then in center page on upper right is a link for Ceate Coupon, click link.

3. Choose 6 month or yearly plan.

4.Choose Category, Business and Coupon Title. Title your coupon however you like, make it unique to your store or business.  

5. Choose a Coupon Code and enter it. Can be alpha or numeric. Once again be unique with your entry. This coupon code will print on bottom right of coupon and will make it authentic to your coupon.

6. Choose when you want your coupon to expire. This can be updated anytime you like while the coupon account is paid up to date.

7. Enter your Business Name

8. Enter your Business Address. Hit enter key between street address and city, state, zip to start a new line.

9. Enter your Business Phone Number. This will print on coupon directly below your store hours.

10. Enter specific directions to your store so new customers can find you.

11. Enter the hours your store is open to do Business.

12. Describe what you have to offer customers at your place of Business.

13. Describe what you specialize in at your Business, services and / or products.

14. Enter what your coupon is worth to the customer. Per cent off or Dollars off.

15. Describe the details of your coupon, exclusions, exceptions, etc...  be specific.

16. Upload your Company Logo. If you do not have one we can help, leave this blank and continue on. We can add this later. Contact us to see how.

17. We use PayPal for our Secure Payment Processing. Coupon is Live immediately.

18. If you choose to pay by check or other means use the Pay by Other option. Your coupon entries are saved and must be approved by us when payment arrives, then your coupon goes live.

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